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Extraterrestrial Radio ~ 05/10/12 – Extraterrestrial Contact

Anunnaki Ancient Aliens Technology Found in Pyramids in Egypt

May 10, 2012 – Extraterrestrial Contact: Portal to the Cosmos

Earth’s Ice’ll All Melt: The Dwarf Star, Its Planets & The Moon, Homeworld of ETs Who Made Us

Sasha Lessin discusses how professional astronomers reveal, despite the government’s attempt to cover up, that the subbrown dwarf, Earth’s twin star beyond the Kuiper belt, has moved, due to encounters beyond the belt, closer to our sun, warming all the planets of our solar system and will melt all ice on Earth.

The warming from the greenhouse effect is minor compared to the affects of the the dark dwarf and the planetoids and comets on the dwarf’s orbital path. Comets on the dwarf star’s orbit will bombard Earth, evoke huge solar storms, huge earthquakes and titanic volcanic eruptions; it will destroy global communications and reverse our magnetic poles.

Janet Lessin describes her abduction by ETs to a submarine base beneath Johnston Atoll in the Pacific and previews next week’s discussion, inviting listeners to call in and relate their experiences with extraterrestrials and the implications of these abductions for us Earthlings.

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