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Choose the Omniverse That Serves You Best by Janet Kira Lessin


Excerpt from “Dance of the Souls: Pierce the Veil” by Janet Kira Lessin

I stood in the center of a wheel with 24 spokes, mulitverses that spread before me 360 degrees, choices of the roads of life, ways I could live, I might travel. Guides that surrounded me–non-corporeal, but alive as anyone or anything else–said all the roads led home. No matter which road I chose, I would manifest my psychic potential, the inherent Janet. The sentient, conscious guides all about me can contemplate reality and ponder existence. They support me on whatever road I choose, for each road was but a variation of myself. For at the core I am everything and everyone I encounter on the road I choose and everything and everyone I meet on the road is but an aspect of myself.I saw everything around me 360 degrees through my mind’s eye that sees everywhere at once. I understood, comprehended that the choice was mine alone. And whatever I chose was and is valid.

Painting-Multiverse-Rising_referenceWhen I felt full, for I stood there in a human form, that of a four year old sandy-blond haired, blue eyed, super white-skinned, small and somewhat fragile human female, the scene shifted. And in that form I inhabited was an essence of me. And I am an eternal being with many simultaneous incarnations in many dimensions on many planets. Thus was the level of awareness I understood in that moment in that time and space.
The ship was not really a ship but a hologram created for my convenience or more accurately for the human form in which I was currently incarnated and our goal was to convey this information down the line in time when it was appropriate, when humanity was ready. And here I am now writing this story on my ipad with my first waking thoughts still full of the download, the information I am now to bring forth to the forefront of the consciousness of not only myself but also all of eternity.Steve Reeves 5601004This “ship”, the co-creation of all beings assembled had/has a theater with several rows and a giant screen. I was now in a reality where I simultaneously had never been in a theater with my human family and in another reality where I had been in a theater with them and the movie I saw was “Hercules” and the scene I was witnessing (now remembering) was were Hercules was chained to a pillar which was attached to a huge coliseum type structure of the gods and Hercules got angry, worked himself up to a fury and pulled down the columns with his physical strength.That scene faded from my mind’s eye, that timeline dissolved and now I stood in the timeline where I had never seen a theater, I was fully anchored into my four year old human form and now felt awe at this theater created for me that I had never imagined or envisioned before.Little Girl b167e4863d57d50bad07b90ac2aef43bThe beings, ever-present but not visible now welcomed me, as if I was returning royalty, the guest of honor returning from a long voyage.I was invited to take a seat and I made my way down to the front, center seat. Now the scenes of creation, the 24 multiverses I had seen previously as the core of the wheel unfolded sequentially, in time, the timeline I now in that moment inhabited in human form which required information unfold sequentially. 

Earth DestructionFirst I was shown a multiverse where the Earth blew up into stardust facilitated by three beams that met in the middle and exploded, completely annihilating my beloved planet, Gaia, upon which I inhabited and simultaneously was. At the same time that there was an image projected on the large, curved screen before me, I saw the deaths of all beings, creatures and features in my mind’s eye. And the image and idea, the concept of the simultaneous death of all those beings immediately filled my heart and soul with the most intense pain one could ever imagine. And my soul threatened to leave my form and I would be dead, never to return. But my resolve was such that this is what I chose, that I must endure for I love all those beings and that planet, which both are and are not me. And I chose to remain to see what I was being shown and to get the lessons I now must learn to take all of us on this journey to this now.

fire_earth_globe_hq_resolution_for_desktopNext scene, less destruction, more life.

My body and soul still racked by the intensity of what I had just witnessed, sat frozen, eyes unblinking as the next scene and the next continued to unfold. Each scene revealed a screen image and all the images, sensations, sounds, smells and emotions of everything and every being, create and feature that experienced each scenario from light to dark, good to evil, as destruction yielded way to more life and abundance.

Soon my tears of pain morphed to those of joy, pure bliss.

earth-11009_640The scenes stopped unfolding. I had soon witnessed 24 multiverses, time-lines, scenarios of what would happen to me and all of me’s, all humanity, all life on the planet I was and am. A voice in my head asked in human words in English, “What reality do you chose for yourself and all humanity?”

The choice was now at the human level. And now I was me, who I had chosen to be, a human being. And my choice would be for all humanity. The choice I was to make was for the entire world?

Sandy Blonde Girl 914800dcc4f094864d0133c1552300c7And now, returned from my perspective of God and an eternal being into human form with limited capacity, I felt humbled and questioned, “Me? You want me to choose for all humanity?”

No answer. I knew I must not choose the reality where all was done, were pure utopia ruled our reality for at that level there would be nothing left to do. And the polarity with its dark aspects were the catalysts of creation and provided the mill of life upon which we grind out necessary lessons for our evolution of consciousness. Diversity sprang from this cesspool we’ve created and we need to embrace it at some point in order to co-create with God.

utopia-paradise-foundI chose the reality third from the end. It was a pretty blissful place but there was still much to do, enough to keep us busy, well stimulated with meaning and purpose so that more diversity could emerge from humanity’s group gestalt.

Decision made, I was teleported back to the point where I exited Earth to the exact point which was where I was stepping over a small white fence with my four year old foot raised as high as it good to step over. I had just been walking around, standing, moving, hadn’t I? But perhaps I was not physically there but remained frozen, like some bizarre statue that entire time? Or maybe I was taken physically and my form remained frozen on ship with my foot raised while my soul went on a tour of the ship.

Earth Utopia 6a00d83420b6f153ef0120a5dd0ae7970bMy mind raced with a million questions. No answers were forthcoming. My mind still operated on high speed simultaneously contemplating that which had just happened while receiving a download that affects me to this moment. “You have come here to do that which will benefit all human kind.”

Those were the words I heard telepathically. But the understanding behind the words and the images and emotions unfolded. I saw my mission and life before me and I was filled with absolute joy of the holy spirit of Source and eternity. And full of grace I knew I could not go inside and tell those people who were my family what had just transpired.

sunset  Pittsburgh (1 of 1)I took a deep, deep breath as I saw the colors of the most brilliant sunset ever graced our skies. I took another breath and breathed in life and all of eternity as I knew we are on a path that in the end turns out well, the ending with the highest good for all beings and our dear mother Earth.

I saw the road before me, the road not yet traveled and it was full of variables, potential and possibilities. I saw Kennedy, Kennedy, King and Lennon, dead and not dead. I saw myself, dead and not dead and people I loved and were yet to meet, grow to love, dead, not dead.

Little Girl With Bangscc9d783e7d3c0a089a17864ee3ff1695I felt joy at the road before me. I took one last breath. The wind responded and kissed my face with its warm, spring breeze sending my sandy, corn-silk hair away from my face. I look it all in, turned to enter the house and vowed I’d be the best human child/daughter and sister I could for the duration of all that was yet to come.

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