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Sustainable Ecology: Intelligent Design for Earth by Janet Kira Lessin

NewCircleWe need to rethink money and the total economic system of not only the United States but the entire world. Every person alive needs a basic minimum income which will cover the basic needs of every single person alive. Every man, woman and child needs clean shelter, healthy food, clean air, water, earth, right livelihood, leisure time, transportation, communication, health and wellness care, education and information and justice. These are basic rights for each human given to them just because they are alive.

Needs need to be given, provided as a part of being alive. Everyone who purchases anything pays taxes. We are all tax payers which support the needs of the people who pay taxes. Luxuries, those things above needs can be the incentive to work beyond needs which would be provided to every man, woman and child alive and yet born.

pigEqual pay for everyone. Everyone makes the same amount per hour as everyone else. Level the playing field. Everyone’s time is equal. Everyone is equal.  We call it the Gaia buck or Time Dollar and labor resources are recorded in a Time Bank. So from lawyer to laborer, brain surgeon to business person, we are a labor based world economy and everyone makes the same.

One can no longer inherit the wealth of the previous generation personally. All goes back to the general fund which funds the needs of the world’s population.

Release all cures for diseases that are being used for profit. There’s no more profiting at the expense of any other human being.

All energy systems released. Energy moves from toxic systems like oil based to clean and green. Once again no more profits at the expense of any other human being.

Release all information on extraterrestrials–full disclosure.

timebanking logoHumanity is currently a level zero civilization and we need to do everything it takes to move to at least a level one civilization. See Michio Kaku for this one.

War is made illegal. War is in the same category as murder for it is murder. All wars are war crimes and those who think in terms of military industrialization and profit at the expense of another human being are criminally insane and must be rehabilitated and quarantined off planet (Mars? Moon? Further out in the solar system) away from the rest of the world that’s trying to recover from generations of atrocities.

We move into space or else we curtail the world’s population to 1 child per person for a period till we solve the problems which are destroying our planet. Overpopulation is part of the problem because it is combined with all the other problems, such as holding back technologies which are green and clean. We need to sustain all life and to do so we must curtail our activities that are decimating our world for a moratorium period, like 5 to 10 years. Eggs and sperm can be preserved so those who want more children may do so when we stabilize and/or move into space and colonization of other worlds, moons and cosmic bodies.

This is only part of the solutions. We must think locally and globally simultaneously for we are one ecosystem.


Time-based currency – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia –

In economics, a time-based currency is an alternative currency where the unit of exchange is the person-hour. Some time-based currencies value everyone’s contributions equally: one hour equals one service credit. In these systems, one person volunteers to work for an hour for another person; thus, they are credited with one hour, which they can redeem for an hour of service from another volunteer.


What is Timebanking?

timebanking-logos-screencap-from-googlesearchTimeBanking is a way of giving and receiving to build supportive networks and strong communities. One hour helping another earns one TimeBank Hour (also called time credits, service credits or time dollars.) TimeBanking builds on the magic of “pay it forward,” one good turn leading to another and another.

tumblr_n01lklsccS1qc5x0ko1_1280A TimeBank is formed whenever individuals or organizations agree to earn and spend TimeBank Hours to meet the needs of friends, neighbors, and the larger community.

TimeBanks range from Small (15 – 20 members) to large (2,000 or more). They can connect with other Timebanks too.

volunteerin gEach TimeBank is unique reflection of its members, who they are, the dreams they have for their community, and what they choose to offer and receive.

Here is how it works: I earn a time credit by doing something for you. It doesn’t matter what that “something” is. You turnaround and earn a time credit doing something for someone else in your TimeBank Community. For example, an hour of gardening equals an hour of child-care equals an hour of dentistry equals an hour of home repair equals an hour of teaching someone to play chess. The possibilities are endless.


Who can be involved in TimeBanking?

timebank-cycle-stitched-communityAnyone can earn time credits by contributing to others.

Likewise, anyone who has earned time credits can spend them. Or they can pass on the time credits to others who may need them more.

Individuals, groups, organizations, government agencies, churches, businesses; they all can become members, and contribute time, energies, skills and resources.

A really special member of every TimeBank is the TimeBank itself. Because the TimeBank needs members to take on the activities of setting it up and sustaining it over time.

Click here to learn more about timebanking.

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