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Laurie McDonald ~ 07/28/19 ~ Sacred Matrix, Revolution Radio, Studio B ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin

Laurie McDonald ~ 07/28/19 ~ Sacred Matrix, Revolution Radio, Studio B ~ Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Dr. Sasha Alex Lessin ~ Producer Thomas Becker ~ 8 to 10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Central, 6 PM Mountain, 5 PM Pacific, 2 PM Hawaii timewww.revolution.radio – live and in the archives later Laurie McDonald BioLaurie McDonald is a board-certified clinical hypnotherapist at True YouHypnotherapy and an extraterrestrial abduction researcher. She is one of 27 regression therapists listed on the MUFON mental health referral list for abduction regression. She is a support consultant to the research committee FREE (The Edgar Mitchel Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters)

She is the Board President for OPUS (Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support) and is the founder of the Sacramento Alien Abduction & Contactee Support Group, one of California’s largest UFO and abduction groups. Laurie has been the facilitator of several experiencer events and Host at Contact in the Desert. She is a lifelong experiencer. Her company True You Hypnotherapy has been the winner of Sacramento’s ‘Best of ’ seven years running by promoting mind-body integration through one on one sessions, empowerment workshops, experiencer group events, and Empowerment Retreats.  She recently was awarded the Global Health and Pharma, GHP Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards 2018. She has appeared on a number of radio and TV shows including the Discovery Chanel. Laurie speaks internationally on using the extraterrestrial experience as a catalyst to an expanded consciousness through contact.

TALKING POINTS Laurie writes:  “My research has recently brought me to Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia where I visited Angkor Wat and the remote island of Koh Rong Sanloem. I spent three months in South East Asia learning to understand their ET experiences. I did a powerful 30-day speaking and teaching engagement in the Wudang Mountains of China. I shared my Five Steps to Personal empowerment. I have recently spoken at the International Peace Conference in Geneva Switzerland. This coming Sept. I am so happy to participate at The Avatars of the Earth Gathering. Disclosure is leaking into mainstream society. I am looking forward to our interview.” — All the best, Laurie McDonald, CcHT True You Hypnotherapy Self-Empowerment Interactive Therapy 2701 I Street Sacramento, CA 916.266.3964 | info@trueyouhypnotherapy.comwww.trueyouhypnotherapy.com by appointment only

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