Tantra Gift of the Gods to Maximize Co-Creation of Existence: Internet Radio with Janet Kira Lessin, Articles too

Tantra is an ancient spiritual practice that originates from space. Ancient aliens who colonized the Earth 450,000 years ago bought tantra from the planet Nibiru and practiced tantra to maximize conception and bring into physicality from higher dimensions souls of advanced capabilities in order to advance civilization and culture and maximize chances for their species’ …

Love is Sex Is Love Is Sex Is Love Is Sex Is Love: A Dream by Janet Kira Lessin – June 21, 2011

Last night I dreamed I was writing an article on my computer entitled “Love is Sex Is Love Is Sex Is Love Is Sex Is Love.” The article explored the nature of love and its relationship with sex compounded with the definition of morality and what morality means to whom. Who is moral? Immoral? What is moral? Who creates morality? Who defines it? Mix it all up with religion and mores and values of our cultural conditioning. Add birth control, population control, conscious conception, procreation, abortion. The debate began.